Huntsville Wedding – Laura & Brandon

Laura Katherine Nabors & Brandon Phillip Cripps

October 16, 2010

Ceremony held at the Huntsville Depot Museum

Reception heldat the Huntsville Depot Roundhouse

Where are you from? I am from Huntsville. Brandon grew up in a military family, so hemoved around all his life. He moved to Huntsville in 2005 to pursue a master’sdegree at UAH.

How did you two meet? Brandon and I met in the spring of 2006 while we were both in school at UAH.

Tell us about theproposal. Brandon proposed to me on Christmas Eve 2009. He had hiddenthe ring in a space he had hollowed out in a copy of Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Book of Etiquette, which hewrapped up and gave to me on Christmas Eve.

What was your visionfor the weddingWe really wanted our wedding to be relaxed and comfortable for everyoneinvolved. The Historic Huntsville Depot Roundhouse provided a perfect backdropfor our celebration. I wanted everything to be very organic and understated to match therustic feel of our venue. I adored the Roundhouse’s large windows and “old-timey”charm, and I was afraid that bold colors and too much decor would detract fromthe atmosphere, so I kept everything very minimal and natural.

Tell us about yourdress. My wedding dress was by Justin Alexander. I found it at TheSomething Blue Shoppe in Hartselle.

What are some of yourfavorite elements of the big day? One of my favoriteparts of our reception was our cake and candy tables. Eric, one of my best friends and attendants,refinished several old cheeseboxes that we used for cake stands. 

My mother pulled fromher own stock of glassware to provide all of the containers for the candybuffet, and we drove all over town collecting all of Brandon’s favorite snacksand my favorite candies to fill them. We also had a soda bar featuringseveral different kinds of cane sugar-sweetened soda including Dublin Dr.Pepper, a favorite of mine, and Cheerwine, one of Brandon’s favorite sodas fromhis youth and college days in North Carolina. An added bonus of using theRoundhouse was having use of a trio of antique luggage carts, which we put touse as two bars and a gift table.

Anotherfun project for the wedding was our library card catalog “guestbook.”  Iwork at the local public library, and I am currently pursuing a master’s degreein library science, so incorporating something library-related into the weddingwas a must for me. My mother found this charming little two-drawer catalogat auction, and I was able to scavenge some cards from the library’s catalogcabinets, now abandoned in favor of a computer-based catalog. In lieu of atraditional guestbook, guests left us wonderful messages and drawings on thebacks of the cards. Along with being a cute and meaningful piece of décor inour home, the catalog is now full of these cards. Anytime I need cheering up, Ican flip through them and read these wonderful messages from friends and lovedones. 

Our”getaway car” was a 1958 Triumph TR3A, fully restored by my father from a hunkof rusty old metal purchased nearly a decade ago on eBay. This car, the samemodel and color as one he owned when he was in his 20s, had been a garageproject of his for many years, and I had always dreamed of having it ready formy wedding. When we announced our engagement in December, the car was still ina million pieces, so I didn’t think it would be possible to have it ready byour October wedding. But my father was determined (and, thankfully,retired). He began working overtime on the car, and over the course ofnine months, he transformed those pieces of rusty metal into the most beautifulcar I have ever seen.

Brandonwas excited to have the responsibility of picking out our rings.  He commissioneda small, one-man shop outside London to design and craft our bands.  Whenthey came in the mail, they were more beautiful than we even expected, simple,and uniquely ours.

Foodwas a very important part of our reception. Being from the South, finding acaterer who does great barbecue was a must. We were fortunate to find one who,when not catering weddings, cooks barbecue competitively (and wins). Startingthe day before, he cooked us delicious North Carolina-style pulled pork androtisserie smoked turkey. For our handful of guests who were vegan andvegetarian we had a pasta buffet with plenty of meatless options. 

Our bakerwhipped up the most divine vegan carrot and hummingbird cakes; even meat-eaterswere going back for seconds! We also had plenty of apple and cranberry pies, afavorite autumn treat of ours.

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day? My favorite moment ofthe day was our “first look.” I highly recommend this to brides! Not only doesit allow for more time for photographs before the ceremony, it also provides a privateand meaningful moment. It also is very helpful in relieving any pre-wedding stressand jitters.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? For our honeymoon, Brandon and I went on a Caribbean cruise.

Where do you live now? Brandon and I live in the Five Points area of Huntsville. Heis employed as an engineer for the U.S. Army, and I work in the Adult Services& Reference Department of the Main Branch of the Huntsville-Madison CountyPublic Library.

What advice would you give to brides just beginning theirwedding planning? The best advice I can give to brides is not to try to do toomuch, and to ask friends and family for help. Your wedding day should be spentmaking memories with your friends, family and new husband, NOT stressing outover fussy details. If something is stressing you out, don’t do it. Lookingback, you won’t remember if the placecards were perfect, but you will rememberhow you felt. Also, make hiring a good photographer a priority, even if itmeans you have to scale back your budget in other areas. Photographs last forever!

What businesses did you use for your wedding?

Caterer: Creative Catering

Flowers/décor: In Bloom

Cake: Ellen’s Creative Cakes

Music: Hartley Entertainment

Tents/facility/rental: Mullins Rental

Hair/makeup: Breanna Grissett

Photographer:SimplyBloom Photography

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